Formerly a three story tower (see previous project) I have reworked and updated just about everything but some of the textures. In the actual site on Dragon's Isle, the fountains spray and overflow, and the flowers slowly evolve different colors, and at the top is a weather vane that is moved by the virtual wind and at the very top a ball the reports the wind speed ( but these do not work in Sketchfab .
Another Gazebo of less grand scale. Instead of a central fountain this one has a central hearth that in the Great Canadian Grid has a fire and eight sitting cushions,that several people can sit, and chat as is a common occurrence in the grids.
Long operating as my main store in Inworldz (after losing my sim there) it lived on a landscape that was built from a place Zion National Park, and so it keeps that name. As I was selling Architectural parts I tried to design in as many of those parts as possible so folk could see how they could be used and leaving the front open allowed for the quirk of the grids, that it is the camera positions around the avatars, and not the eyes of the avatars that most folk experience the grids. This necessitates a different Architectural style and look than would be ideal in real life Architecture.
Another view looking out from the Zion building to the erupting Volcano, based on Mt Hood and surrounds.
With its very complex ceiling structure Castle Grandis a solution to a series of Gothic Arches and ceilings to provide a large open space, supported on quad columns moved further to the side.
Environmental Landscapes have become nearly half of the work I do, and by this collection you can see many of them at at one time
Built from an area near Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park I am working this mountain into a replacement for the Lunar landscape in Dragon Moon. With Caves containing massive waterfalls and an Amphitheater, a "Black Box" theater with flexible venues, Cofffee Houses, Boat Docks, Running Rivers, and off shore mountains and Volcanoes, and Forests and fields it is fairly busy.

In a skybox above is Dragon's Darkside that is a store for more modern structural steel and Wrought Iron Railings and such goods as well as extra Castles and Gazebos
Dragon House coffee house on Dragon Moon with creek and some forest now further built out.
The First build up in Dragon Moon now with different buildings and more forests, but it does show the river well.
Sitting inside a giant Pandora Flying Mountain (or panda) I have cut a web shared panorama very low so Avatars look much smaller than elsewhere The fountain is the same design as elsewhere, but bigger, adding to the illusion. The picture is also a good comparison to the 3D above as to what the fountain looks like when all the grid specific scripts are working.
this is a closeup of the same fountain to see some of the actions.
This is a 3D of Kings canyon along the Kings River in Oregon. The Vistapro Software I use for textures creates trees and adds shadows etc It is fortunate that fractals look the same over many scales, as what the software imagines is huge trees, comes across as small bushes at the scale the textures are used
By changing the colors that the Vistapro software is using the same landscape data can have many different looks.
Explored in many incarnations this is a classic Bungalow Cottage, built here of stone but a quick change of textures and stone becomes wood or shingles become roof tiles. As avatars have few private needs bathrooms, and even bedrooms are often not included unless needed for those with more kinky interests than myself.
Another View of Kings Canyon with the stone cabin above the main river
Sitting on the front porch of the bungalow admiring the view. The Grasshopper is a modified parrot often indulging in comedic commentary, the bistro table is designed to have many different tablecloths or none at all.
Riverfront House- Stone House in box canyon on a sim called Riverfront. Was free starter land until I got my full sims.
The Stone Bungalow in place in the Kings Canyon .
Dragon's Treasures store in a skybox made from Lake Mead area near Grapevine Mesa with The Avatar Mountains (Zhangjiajie National Forest Park) as background
The back side of Dragon's Realm Castle
Thanks to the "Close Encounters" Movie; Devils Tower is an iconic landmark known the wold over and used many times in my builds. In place there would be virtual water at the top of the blue layer, so the area below is the bottom and not the surface. I did many modifications from the real data sets, but ultimately did not use this as yet.
As earlier View of the White Gazebo before the changes that can be seen in other photos
What a difference a different computer with better video can make. The clouds are a clue. Where there are clouds in the photo a better computer was used. Often looking at the same work, the experience one has in the virtual worlds can be very different depending on the computer doing the viewing.
An inside view of the White Gazebo before making several changes. It was in trying to capture a good view that I started looking about for a way to show it in all its complexity.
An ariel View of the updated whit Gazebo as it sits on Dragon Isle with the added weather vane, and quad columns
A Tower based on the similar domed concept as the gazebo but with integral Gothic window and door openings instead of the marble columns.
In a skybox above Dragon Moon is the Dragon's Darkside store, in the Box Canyon design landscape.
The Map of the Five Dragon Sims in GCG and the offshore Unicorn hills that does not show up as even though it looks like a sim, it is just offshore decoration.
As the Unicorn hills are a decoration off shore of Dragon's Realm it is possible to float a camera view out there but the Avatars cannot go where there is no sim. This is somewhat of a joke as the "Magic" is just how all the grids work, But the landscape looks so much like a regular sim that folks don't realize at first that it is such an "off sim" place.
THe Landscape here is my own work but the unicorns are found on the web and work well as a excuse why the avatars cannot go there to disturb them.
Looking back across the Unicorn Hills Conservation area towards the castle built into the landscape in Dragon Realm and the float island "Pandas" beyond
A Covered Bridge at Sunset . I made the bridge as a request and used it as decoration myself.
A waterfall with several layers of moving water in the falls and a mist particle system at the bottom
A pixie named Butterpaw and myself talking at the landscape store. Butterpaw is the owner of Thimbleberry and Thimbleberry Sea just to the south of the 5 Dragon Sims that are where I show and do my work.
Inside a cave inside a mountain
The store where I sell my landform designs
In a skybox above Dragon Realm is a place called Dragon's Treasures after the main store of that name selling mostly Medieval and Fantasy building parts and decorations. The Mountain landscape is based from Lake Mead Data with the Chinese Zhangjiajie National Forest Park that inspired the Floating island "Pandas" from the Avatar Movie and re-imagined in the sim Below
Looking back in the Dragon's Treasures skybox.
A simple 3d Seashell with interesting markings created in Gimp rather than taken from real things. The interior is real gold Mother-of-Pearl scanned from a gold Oyster found in NW Australia.
A Moon Bridge I made a while back and used in many places (you can just see a corner of it in the previous picutre)
A Traditional Fishing Dory designed with the Freeship Program and brought into Blender, to lower the polys and add the textures.
Working in the Great Canadian Grid

Work in the 3D grids does not have a clear start and stop points but is ongoing. However as I am building a large presence in the Great Canadian Grid the quality and nature of the work is changing so I am creating another project file to reflect those changes.

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