BoxDine Take Away Experience - My Final Year Project at the University of Limerick is a redesign of the take away food packaging used in Chinese food to go, as well as hot/cold foods in general. It embraces new materials technology such as PLA biopolymer for a sustainable future and tackles the "junk" food culture associated with food to-go. PLA is just an example how this shape redesign of the common plastic containers with snap shut lids can use any material as long as it can be injection moulded.
BoxDine Take Away Experience - The carrier design as part of my final year project looks into the advantages of cardboard boxes and paper bag carriers and combines the two. It will come flat packed so when you need to use it just unfold it as illustrated above.
BoxDine in situ - Portraying the project in places of use or potential use.
Some early shape investigations for the container. Some ideas were not used in the final shape.
wrapping containers concept - early carrier concept of stacked containers being wrapped around by card. Some aspects were used in the final Boxdine prototype.
Material... - PLA was chosen because of its use in existing products, but not exactly the way I want. It has been used in cold deli containers, eating utensils, microwavable pouches/sachets. But I intend a polypropylene-like grade to be used in final injection mould containers.
BoxDine Take Away Experience - Comparison of the Boxdine container in the restaurant/dining environment, doesn't look out of place really. n_n
BoxDine Take Away Experience - Sectioned view shows the deep grooves in the container lid. This stackability also makes handling a "tower" of containers very stable and easy.
BoxDine Take Away Experience - Finger holds and grooves make handling the Boxdine containers easier than existing rectangular plastic containers, which flex and risk spillage.
space usage of the Boxdine concept on a food traffic. counter top.
in the kitchen... - More realistic "ready" position of the container lids and bases on the counter top.
BoxDine Take Away Experience
Vincent Lee
Product Designer & Technology enthusiast LIMERICK, Ireland