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Bicycles for the riding enthusiest
The team - Myself on left with the Salvaggio mountain bike
Scott Puckett on right with Strada Torro road bike
Prototype "Strada Torro" - Meaning "road bull", this road bike takes a traditional lug construction and puts a modern look to it.
prototype "Salvaggio" - meaning "wild", the Salvaggio mountain bike features modern materials and unique parallel top tubes.
Seat tube/ top tube lug of the Stradda Torro. Simple, clean lines intersect at these beautiful construction joints. Taking the idea of a traditional brazed frames as inspiration, but putting a fresh, modern interpretation.
Both prototypes are made of light weight carbon fiber tubing, and clear coated bare aluminum tubing. The LIFEcycles logo is sandblasted into the aluminum; subtle, and unique
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Elliott Smith
Designer, Craftsmen, Artist Detroit, MI