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QP Homepage - Homepage Concept for new QP.com website complete with original icons/buttons/etc.
QuickNOTES Email Newsletter Template - This is an html template I designed to to bring the old Quickparts Newsletter (named QuickNOTES) into the 21st century. Previously, it was a poorly designed Word Document.
Quickparts' Tradeshow Booth Panels - I formulated the 2010 Corporate Motto ("Come for the Parts, Stay for the Experience") and tied it to an amusement park made of parts them for this three-panel booth. The Quickparts logo would fit on a tap cap panel above the center panel.
Somos NeXt Postcard (Front) - Created this postcard to send to our rapid prototyping customer base to tell them about our latest material that is said to be "indestructible".
QuickCutCNC Postcard - In my imagination, this is how I picture parts being produced (fresh out of a volcano) and it is the graphic I chose to create for QuickCutCNCs first promotional postcard.
Quickparts Homepage Banner Ad #1 - This ad would be featured in the main graphic space on Quickparts.com to show how a new production process of ours would work. A laser hits, or sinters, a powder to convert the powder into a metallic compound. I thought I would tie an "out of this world" element to it all.
Quickparts Homepage Banner Ad #2 - What better way to show that our company can now produce human scale parts and larger than to place one next to a few dinosaurs?
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Sergio Estrada
Art Director Atlanta, GA