The laundry aisle in the supermarket is full of bottles and boxes projecting homogeneously bright graphics and text. The Ariel Febreze Pebbles defies all these expectations in this product sector.

The detergent is designed to emphasis the presence of the fabric freshener Febreze and bears a resemblance to pebbles. These are compact powder detergent surrounding a glass-like element of Febreze that are coated with a water soluble layer. Only one is required in the drum for each wash.
The concept is the distinct design to emphasise the presence of the fabric freshener against the standard range.

This was inspired by other detergent products where there is a physical and visual differentiation so it looks powerful and believable in their function of cleaning. This tablet design is based on the Ariel logo which creates a unique association between the product to the brand. The colour reflects Febreze, and this can be extended to incorporate other Febreze fragrances.
In developing the tablet into a three dimensional form, there was an immediate visual association with pebbles. Upon further analysis, it was decided for the detergent to take on such a symbolic form.
Dimensions of the 6 individual pebbles.
The pebble shape packaging, echoing the detergent inside, would be manufactured from paper pulp to continue the organic theme.

The asymmetric design of the pack means that its silhouette changes depending on the orientation it is placed. In addition, the colour could reflect the recycled stock material, although pigments can be used. Surface texture can be varied from smooth to rough, multiplying the combinations of finishes the pack can have without over increasing the cost of production.
The on pack graphics would be printed directly onto the surface whereas the information leaflet is separately printed on recycled paper and placed inside the upper lid.
Ariel Febreze Pebbles
Elaine Yeung
London, United Kingdom