Self Initiated Project

This design is the exploration of the variable factor of scale, both as an external and internal element, to the relativity of habits and rituals in consumption to provoke an experience influenced and supported by the aspects of the strangely familiar, objective and methodological interactions.
The concept was experimented to express the golden ratio in various forms, masking the obvious association.

This exploration led to triangular pieces and ultimately to the Pythagorean triples, another mathematical proportional ratio. The final concept of the chocolate is inspired by the smallest Pythagorean triple 3, 4, 5 and such an arrangement echoes the diagram which proves the theorem.
The attribute of taste here can be exploited as an element of surprise which can be unfamiliar to result with an unexpected experience. As flavours are hidden in the chocolate, they will only be discovered upon consumption.

Flavours from the Green & Black's range as well as others were tested and paired to create complimenting and contrasting results, which would alter the experience.
The packaging had to be similar to Green & Black's. From the observation of unwrapping Green & Black's, I noticed how the layers are often folded together and when it is all unfolded, the chocolate is not facing the consumer.

The packaging concept has strong characteristics of origami in that it is methodological and has parts that under and overlap. This is sealed with a square sticker which echoes the centre piece of chocolate as it is of identical size and orientation.
Green & Black's Taste Corners
Elaine Yeung
London, United Kingdom