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The design of 30 elements of the corporate style for the bookstore.

I created the design of the branding elements, prepared the materials in print, created a flat pattern of all the items and created a visualization for the bookstore of 30 items, including: business card, employee badge, advertising brochure, two paper displays for decorating displays, two extended bookmarks, one bookmark with tape, one bookmark with magnets, three versions of souvenir pocket calendars, a corporate envelope, two versions of corporate postage stamps, desktop calendar-house, two versions of souvenir greeting cards in the format of 148 by 210 mm, two versions of souvenir greeting cards in the format of 105 by 148 mm, six options for gift paper bags, a folder for documents, three options for banners for outdoor advertising.

Skills and programs used to create this work:
- Design of the merch;
- Design of elements of corporate style;
- Pre-printing;
- Design visualization;
- Create drilldown;
- Adobe Photoshop;
- Adobe Illustrator.

Elizaveta Tkachenko
◢ Creative and tactful graphic designer, reasons his solutions. ◤ Каменское, Ukraine