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Companion Details - This is a detail shot of my digital painting : "The Companion"
The Summoning - Digital painting done in Photoshop with a wacom intuos 2
Beloved - Digital painting done in photoshop. I posed for this one myself since it was hard to find reference for a pose like this.
It was mostly a colour experiment I'm not extremely familiar with macabre art. But it turned out decent I think.
Lucifer - Digital painting done in photoshop with intuos 2 tablet. Did it after watching passion of the christ, the face intrigued me so I decided to paint it.
A Merman's kiss - An image to go with a story I'm writing. Most of it is painted from scratch in photoshop. I did use some textures though so it's not officially 100% painting. Anyway posed for this one myself again. I thought it would be fitting it this case.