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For this project, I drew inspiration from mussel shells for their protective outer shells and their soft interiors. I associated these qualities with those of my own mother, who plays a large part of my life. As a result, this piece is both a personal narrative as well as a tribute to her. I chose to abstract my form geometrically to underscore the concept of rigidity and structure. I also played with the idea of including juxtaposition of soft and hard materials. In the end, I chose to incorporate finer lines made of thread to draw the viewer into the work and provide a softer tactile experience.
Final Sketch
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Cardboard Net
Welding Process
I chose to incorporate fibers to juxtapose soft and hard qualities. The lines of the thread draw the viewer in closer and also serve to further enhance the geometry of the main structure.
Chrysalis. Materials: steel, poplar, thread, & oil paint. Exhibitions: Ominubus, Ephemera, & Goodbye Boundary.

This project was intended as a material and technique exploration that focused mainly on steel and welding. The result was a 6-foot tall abstracted mussel shell. My main intent for this sculpture was to portray a balance of protective maternal qualities with rigidity and structure.

Emily Pun
Industrial Designer Savannah, GA