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I began my research process by studying the sport of kayak surfing. I looked at the different kinds of hull shapes and styles to determine which characteristics I wanted to apply to my hull design.
Geoff Jenning is a 38-year old male living in Alhambra, CA. He practices 2 times a week for surf kayak competitions and is the number 2 seated waveski paddler in the USA. His primary surf kayak is the Murky Waters Salsa (IC Surf kayak). Aside from kayak surfing, he also enjoys climbing, cycling, & hiking.
Optimus Surfing Kayak

The objective of this project was to design a product that effectively utilizes a variety of emerging materials. My partners, Mike Noto and Nick Dodson, and I chose to create a waveski style surfing kayak that would be able to provide users with a unique and thrilling high performance kayak surfing experience.

Emily Pun
Industrial Designer Savannah, GA