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Lego’s company mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. They innovate with vision of inventing the future of play. Play, as defined by Lego’s brand, combines imagination, creativity, and learning. It involves taking on a challenge, enjoying the process as you work towards a goal, and surprising yourself with what you are able to accomplish. Lego’s company values include: imagination, learning, creativity, caring, fun, and quality.The company establishes its integrity by promising to provide the joy of building, the pride of creating, mutual value creation, a positive impact on the planet, and opportunities for people to succeed together with all of their products.
Lego demonstrates harmony within its brand by adhering to its strong culture and values that center around collaboration and familyroots.
“Lego” is an abbreviation of the Danish words, “leg” and “godt.” Together, the two translate to “play well.”
I found inspiration for this project through a competitive analysis and by generating six semantics centered around Lego’s brand identity:
Fun: Creativity balanced with a challenge.
Liberating: Free from constraints.
Humble: Not thinking less of ourselves but thinking of ourselves less.
High Quality: Durable and well-crafted.
Modular: Allows for customizable arrangement and easy assembly.
Systematic: Combines logic and reasoning with creativity.

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My team and I created prototypes that allowed us to experiment with the specific form of our product. We wanted our design to facilitate assembly and allow for a wide range of configurations. Most of all, we wanted our users to have fun while putting together their furniture. The main goal of the product was to make adult users feel like children again by creating an experience reminiscent of playing with Legos. The mock up shown on the right emulates the final design.
The X-Fit is modular furniture geared towards adults and college students who require inexpensive, portable, and customizable furnishing options. The design of the X-Fit is intended to promote play in the context of adulthood. “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”
Desk & Chair
Beach Lounger
How Fasteners Go Together
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The focus of this project was to create a family of tools inspired by the Lego brand. A tool is an object that serves a function in the user’s life. It helps solve a task, while enticing the user to want to explore further possibilities & fully engage at the task at hand. Opportunities within this prompt centered around the field of home goods. The project began with in depth research of the brand itself. The information my partner, Cait Dorshefski, and I gathered helped establish a set of design criteria that the product family would follow. Once this was established, ideation and sketching took place. Concepts were then converted into three dimensional models for further design exploration and finally into working prototypes.

Emily Pun
Industrial Designer Savannah, GA