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2002 CCS/Michelin Competition - The theme of the project was to do a car, tire and wheel with an overall French theme. I chose to do these with a Jules Verne feel to them. Mechanically simple, but elaborate in decoration, I wanted the feel of the three to echo a different era and technological system.
American Plastics Council - Sponsored by the APC, our senior thesis model needed to use plastics in a new way. This particular design was meant to use thermoforming processes to keep production tooling costs low, making the final product much more affordable than with any other material.
Chrysler Summer Internship 2002 - The goal of the internship was to find "the next jeep". The Jeep Gladiator was designed for the person who needed all the aspects of the Wrangler but also needed more cargo and passenger space. It was intended that this vehicle be more than a status symbol, but a true offroad Jeep with the essence of the Wrangler.
USCAR project - Our junior year sponsored project focused on alternative fuel vehicles. The Cadillac CTX was to focus more on the technology aspect of the brand rather than the Luxury. It would also serve as a technology showcase for General Motors alternative fuel systems, thus the markup in price of the hybrid system could be justified.
Megaduce - One of the vehicles designed for a futuristic card game. This beast was designed as a heavy armor troop/supply transport.
3rd Year Wall - Spring 2002 - Rocking the junior portfolio, and some sweet threads...good enough to get me an awesome internship at Chrysler. Still lots of canson paper. I would start working digitally at Chrysler, never really went back.
2nd Year Wall at CCS - Spring 2001 - Digging deep in the old school portfolio, found some fun images of my sophomore year final wall. Ohhhh the memories....canson paper, its been a while!
Soph year wall 2001 - Closeup of the wall. I miss the old scan sheets a little bit
Cuda engine sketch - This was a fun one to do. Sometime early in 2001. Prismacolor pencils, chalk and marker on blue canson paper.
Junior year wall, spring 2002
2003 CCS Portfolio
Erik Holmen
Industrial Designer at Robrady Design Sarasota, FL