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Konig Random - I was just able to put a set of Konig Randoms on my sweet sweet bone stock 2007 4 door civic. But they do look pretty damn good on there. A little window tint, wide angle lens and HDR knowhow make for some sweet pics. I did those wheels back in '04, still looking good.
Konig Random - Every once in a while someone will say "nice wheels" in a parking lot...the one time I told someone that I designed them for Konig, he looked at me like I was crazy and walked away....now I just say "thanks!"
Konig Random - The original sketch of the Wheels
Konig Random - Alias model and rendering. Final wheels turned out looking pretty close to this image.
Konig Random - Had fun taking these pics with the wide angle lens, a friend of mine put the HDR images together...results look good!
Kong Hot Swaps - Original Sketch for the Hot Swaps. The design brief from Konig was for some "Ferrari Concept wheels". The design was toned down for production, but still looks pretty sweet
Kong Hot Swaps - Production Hot Swaps, on sale the last time I checked.
Kong Hot Swaps - Alternate color scheme
Konig Wheels
Erik Holmen
Industrial Designer at Robrady Design Sarasota, FL