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Aliens Set Wall - A set for the Aliens movie toys that I built out of polystyrene foam and found objects.
Sets for McFarlane Toys - A set for the Rat Fink toys that never saw production.
Base was 4' x 4' made from polystyrene foam and covered with painted outdoor grass and my own mix of 'asphalt'. The Xmas tree actually worked too!
Basketball Court for NBA figures - This is a basketball court floor that i built out of individual 1/4" strip basswood, stained and varnished.
Entire base was about 3' x 5'.
Japanese Lantern - This lantern was for a series of Samurai figures for McFarlane Toys. Mostly made of foamcore and tissue paper.
Viking Shield - Some viking props made from pink polystyrene foam and foamcore. used Cel-Vinyl and latex paints.
Rat Fink Dragstrip - A close up of the dragstrip set for RatFink. All lines cracks and 'oil stains' were hand painted.
McFarlane Movie Maniacs: Generic Creepy Basement - A basement/ storehouse wall I made for generic modular set. Wall was 2" thick polystyrene and the bricks were 'drawn' on with a soldering iron.
She-Spawn Set
Voodoo Queen Set
Akira Set
McFarlane Mummy Set
Samurai Spawn Set
Tortured Souls Set
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Sets for McFarlane Toys
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