Concept/design for embroidery back panel- NFL Sports
Finalized NFL Sports teams- Camp Shirt
Concept/inspiration for Tommy Bahama NFL back Panel
Finalized concept/design for NFL Frondly Fan- Silk Camp shirt for Tommy Bahama
Created all Team colorways for Team Island Camp Shirt
MLB® 2021 World Series™ Nassau Half-Zip Sweatshirt
My Design CAD for 2021 1/2 zip W.S. sweatshirt
MLB® World Series™ 2020 Winner Camp Shirt.
design, concept and final product
Harbor Island Hibiscus - did all Sports color ups in NedGraphics.
Congrats to the Buccaneers for winning the Super Bowl!
Jungle Shade- Nedgraphics color ups
Ned Graphics- Colorations for Tommy Bahama Collegiate La Playa Luau Camp Shirt
MLB Hey Batter Camp shirt- NedGraphics, assisted in color ups for all teams.
MLB Hey Batter final product
Color opt. for Sport teams
Performance Half Zip
Assisted with color ups in NedGraphics
Reign Forest final product
Deep Dive Camp Shirt Concept and CAD
Conversation print sample
My Concept & design for potential embroidered Sports Back Panel 'Who's On First?'
Assisted in revising/updating CADs for FA19 Men's knits
NedGraphics- color up for Indigo Shirt
Updated colors for print in NedGraphics
Color up in NedGraphics for 4th of July Marlin Lux shirt
Concept/idea for T.B. Lux knit LS Shirt
Tommy Bahama

Men's Sports/Sweaters
Men's Knits

Erin Patil
Apparel Designer Seattle, WA