Aston Martin DB5 1963 Tribute to Britain’s finest and to all James Bond fans. Printed on canvas 33”x21” with 2” handmade walnut frame.
Custom Corvette Stingray 1963
General Lee Illustration - Exclusive illustration of the Duke of Hazard's General Lee, Charger 1969
Custom Camaro - Custom modified Camaro for Black Knight performance engineering.
California GT/CS Convertible - Digital muscle car illustration
Dodge Challenger 2013 All digital art illustration
Custom Chevy 1937
Roadrunner 72 illustration - Mad muscle car!!!
Maxda 3, Digital illustration Check out my website for more details...
Maxda CX5, Digital illustration Check out my website for more details...
Camaro 2010 SS-X - A custom Camaro 2010, nicknames SS-X (based on a similar model presented at the Sema show 08), this customer wanted a personal touch on his...
Chevy 1952 Deluxe Sedane
Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 2009, 2010 - Digital Corvette illustration, 14"x11" art. Check out my website for more details...
Custom Camaro 69 Slayer - Custom body work illustration for, this is the 69 Stage 2 model. Wacom and photoshop render.
Transformers illustration - Wacom/photoshop illustration for a Transformers fan!!!
VW beetle, marker and pen drawing! See
Corvette 1959 restoration - Exterior and interior design illustrations. We played with some great Foose rims, custom accessories and different color combinations to restore this car in a modern, but still classic way.
Hurst Olds1969 - 100% hand made drawing with markers and pens. Visit Etienne art to see more personalized car artworks. Website:
Mitsubishi 3000GT illustration
Custom Harley-Davidson - Wacom illustration of a beautiful Custom Harley motorcycle!!!
Vespa Scooter illustration - Classic, trendy Vespa, just beautiful...
Delivery truck - Hand and digital sketch. This illustration was commission by a UPS driver. See more at
Custom Camaro - Custom Camaro 69 made for Black Knight Performance Engineering.
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