The L and R Series Satellite Phones - Existing satellite phone are much too large for daily use, the L and R series phones give the user the convenience of using existing cellular service with the freedom to travel out of range and still remain connected directly to through the satellite.
L-Series Ideation - Concept sketches and Illustrator renderings were generated with the goal of creating a sleek, multi functional satellite phone.
R-Series Ideation - The focus of this exploration was on creating a rugged phone with the look and feel of an object that belongs in a harsh environment.
The L-Series - The L-Series provides all of the versatility of a touch screen phone, with the added functionality of a slider.
The R-Series - Designed to hold up under the harshest conditions, the R-series is certified for temperature, pressure, dust, shock, vibration, solar radiation, humidity, salt/fog, blowing rain and immersion.
MSV Satellite Phones