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GREEN GODDESS - I designed this dress for a fashion show in 2004, I bought the vinyl in New York's Fabric district, drafted the pattern and sewed the dress to fit my wonderful model Cally (who did a great job modeling it.) I retouched the background of the photo in photoshop to make it more interesting to look at.
Cally showing the back - I love the bustle on this. I created the bustle by draping the silver black metallic mesh into the shape that I wanted, then I sewed it into the detachable waistband. It took a long time to do this!
SILVER WITCH - I created this dress also for my collection in the 2004 Fashion show. I wanted to create a "Silver Bride' that was dazzling but strange, scary and beautiful at the same time ... the way God is. The dress is short in front, with a long train in back and row upon row of shredded silver fabrics, vinyl and silver mesh. This dress makes me think of the White Witch in the Chronicles of Narnia (before Disney's movie came out).
60's INSPIRED SILVER GOWN - My inspiration for this dress came from the 1960's old space shows. I loved the metallics used in the garments of shows like Lost in Space and Star Trek. Instead of flat pattern drafting I created this garment by draping. The top and sides of the dress are multiple panels sewn together and then topstiched to emphasize the curvy lines.
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Eve Stiles
Designer Fort Myers, FL