Didot Type Poster - This is a poster designed to inform viewers about the typeface, Didot. The black parts of the red letters are used to highlight parts of the letterforms that distinguish it from others. Both the history and a sample of the typeface are present on the poster.
Letter Form Combination Book - There are approximately 29 spreads in this hand bound book. Each spread contains the intials of my name combined into a logo using different typefaces. The one above uses Clarendon. The one below uses Akzidensk Grotesk.
Type Poster - There are about 50 definitions concerning typography, with images to illustrate each. This was an excercise in organizing information and using type as image.
Surrealist Alphabet Book - There are several concepts in this design. The cover, was inspired by a surrealist film, Andalusian Dog. In the opening, a man slices a woman's eye. The opening of this book allows the viewer to do the same. The box has an image of a nude woman. When opened, the top of the box contains the image of the head(of the nude woman). Many pieces of surrealist art contained images of headless women. All the images allude typographically to the letters of the alphabet.
Business Set - After choosing a logo, I created my own personal business set. The rounded corner on the business card was a playful act used to balance the seriousness of the set.
Mailer Brochure - This mailer brochure was designed to match the personal business set. It contains multiple pieces of both fine art and graphic design done by me. Next to each piece there are descriptions, hence this was an excercise working with type and image.
Context Timeline - I was assigned an artist that was influential in the history of graphic design. He was named, Leonetto Cappiello. Cappiello was the father of modern poster design in the 1930's. Much of his work was linear, so I placed type around the contours of the woman's face(very top spread). Descriptions of each of his work continued on the back of this accordian book. When the front and the back of this book is put together it opens into a large poster.
Shakespeare Play Book - This book includes both formal and informal text settings of the play, Much Ado about Nothing, by William Shakespeare. The bottom is the formal setting. The top is a spread designed to highlight the text in an expressive manner.
Interactive Websites - When the cursor moves over each component of either site, they blow up and change color.
Encyclopedie Poster - I was asked to design a poster of the first french encyclopedia that was alphabetized. This encyclopedia mainly contained mechanical processes of industries pertaining to the arts and crafts. All diagrams followed an alphabetical order to help the viewers understand the sequence of each process. I decided to continue one such diagram and dropped information that corresponded to certain letters. (i.e. 'H' for the history of the Encyclopedie)
Graphic Design Portfolio
Evelyn Wei
Evelyn Wei Cupertino, CA