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Digitus - This functional jewelry has its seeds in a potential future in material science. I think in 40 year it's possible to generate materials for highly compact and intelligent devices. The device holds 1710 spheres which consist of magnetic and decorative material one half each. By that every sphere could be turned in every direction and results in a display. This display shows you the time, your personal calendar data and can act as jewelry with morphing patterns that reacts to your input.
Smartpack - The smartpack is a backpack concept for individualist travellers who want flexibility in the volume. The main bag features folding zones that can be strapped tight or kept loose for different load sizes. The bottom bag uses a “once-around-zipper-extension” that increases the volume when opened. On the underside is a strap-on system for additional items (sleeping bags, etc).
In cooperation with Hans Peter Wyss.
Suisse Complete - Traditional swiss food is well known all over the world. The crossover between traditional materials like wood and ceramic with modern induction technology results in a tabletop-barbecue which allows the preparation of traditional swiss food like "Raclette" and "Fondue" in a secure way.

In cooperation with Andre Huber and Marina Tomljenovic.
Streak - This bedsidelamp is the result of a combination between a sheet of metal and an electroluminescent test package. Do you have most of your ideas just before falling asleep? Then this lamp is the solution. The light is very soft but bright enough to let you write your ideas down without blinding your eyes.
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