compenion - system contents - The system contains of a personal computer you take with you during the day (middle), several context-oriented docking stations, for example a home entertainment station for your living room (left), a "senstylus pen" to control the computer and a leather etui.
concept tableau - This is the main target group: Businessmen in their 30s with Family, and how compenion is thought to guide them through their day. Of course, because of its interactivity and adjustability, the system also fits the needs of several other potential user groups.
scribbles - These are some sketches i made during the design process. You can see how the "board" developed into a slider-umpc and how the "senstylus" pen got its shape.
open / closed - The computer itself has an OLED touchscreen, where you can directly work on, much like with a umpc or pda. The whole screen is a slider, as it can be moved forward to reveal a second OLED touchscreen underneath, where you can have a keyboard or working controls, similar to a setup with 2 monitors.
using the computer - As previously described, the personal computer is a slider, it has a second OLED touchscreen underneath. Because of its interactivity you can place exactly the controls there that you need at the moment or have individual styles and themes to fit your taste. It is also possible to either have a keyboard diplayed there or to write directly on it with the pen.
computer and pen - side view - The sides of the board are fleeting underneath the surface of the screen and the handrest, which gives you the impression that the computer is floating on the table while working with it. The pen has 2 dedicated areas: in the front there is a groove that devides the 2 action buttons. In the rear, you have a thumb-sensor field so that you can use the pen as a remote control if you turn it around.
home station - This is one of the stations, designed for your living room. It is spezialized on home entertainment character. The computer has a laser projector embedded at its bottom side. With it, you can project the image to the wall and use the computer with the pen in remote control mode, while sitting on your couch, to watch a movie, for example.
material variations - It is possible to think of some different material layouts for the computer, through the overall classy, elegant, high quality look must be secured. Here you can see a version with a handrest made of black anodized aluminium and white sillicone side panels and another version with a handrest covered with the same leather as the etui.