Air Canada in flight safety video - Air Canada recently completely revamped it's branding. Changes included airplane seats, the exterior paint color of the planes, along with the in flight safety video. The video was completely shot in studio utilizing a green screen backdrop and a motion control rig. Shooting against green screen allowed the team to create some interesting transitions within the piece. Which in turn created an award winning video unlike any other.
Celebrity RSVP - Some frames created for a flashy and glitzy show called Celebrity RSVP. The show was a reality TV show which followed the lives of various celebrities. The opening was meant to give the audience exclusive access into their lives.
Get Growing - show open
Children's Hospital - boards for commercial
Mazda car launch - Some style frames created for a video wall which was played during the launch of Mazda's 2007 vehicles. The messages and imagery were meant to empower the audience, showcasing powerful leaders and icons, hence inspiring the viewer.
Mega Builders - boards for show open
Pratt & Whitney - These frames represent a logo reveal created for an internal 2 min corporate video. Footage was shot on HD all over the world, from Singapore, Norway to the United States. A combination of After Effects and Cinema 4d was then used to create unique and interesting transitions within the piece.
Raptors - raptors pitch
Style By Jury - show open boards
TSN HD - show open boards
All Out War trailer - These frame grabs are taken from the 2 min trailer for All Out War. A feature length documentary i am currently developing on the art of breakdancing. The opening combines HD footage shot on set at a local automotive factory, along with green screen footage of breakdancers, DJ's and graffiti writers. The trailer is meant to give a sneak preview of what's to come in the feature. War is coming!
Propeller reel - The current branding for Propeller is a return to a more tactile and organic aesthetic. The opening includes a mishmash of 2D graphics and 3D elements, such as hummingbirds and crows.
Manifesto event trailer - A short trailer created for Manifesto. An annual urban music festival held in Toronto, Canada. The event showcases a variety of artists from MC's, DJ's, graffiti writers and breakdancers. The opening takes inspiration from these art forms, creating a visceral urban landscape, driven by a pounding beat.
Motion Graphics
Robert Pilichowski
Robert Pilichowski Toronto, ON