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Skullified Batman
Skullified Captain America
Skullified Judge Dredd
Skullified Hellboy
Skullified Abraham Lincoln
Skullified Ironman
Skullified Andy Warhol
Skullified Hulk
Skullified Homer Simpson
Skullified Mickey Mouse
Skullified Lady Gaga
Skullified Heino
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Skull:z: & Idols

Skull:z: & Idols is an Iconography-series of popular personalities, this concept explores the relationship between success and superficialities.
With subjects as diverse as Batman, Andy Warhol and Che Guevara, and a visual conception that spots both, implicit and explicit similarities, the most fascinating phenomenon about this exhibition becomes the fact that even leader with a life devoted to others, are merely recognized by their humble appearances.
What started out in a spark of hope about understanding psychology, became an inevitable obsession which led further down to a core, until a point where we can´t be separated by the colour of our skin.

“When facing death we all become equal”

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Oliver Wetter
Visual Artist @ Ars Fantasio Konz, Germany