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Transgenetic Metahuman

Aesthetic exploitation of the human evolution
The idea for the transgenetic metahuman was inspired by the organism series of Anne Esperet, who has a very interesting technical approach to photography and creating new lifeforms through her specific method.

My intention to do this (long-term) series of transgenetic metahumans, though, was a different approach, one to make people aware how genetically altered food ingredients, science and evolution could change the human anatomy. It’s somewhere inbetween science fiction and reality, fine art and illustration. To understand it, everyone can make this theoretical experiment: assume that science could develop a human to survive on another planet one day and how it will look, breathe, will it produce chlorophyll to survive? My aspiration, in all this, is to keep the creations aesthetic and as believable as possible.

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Oliver Wetter
Visual Artist @ Ars Fantasio Konz, Germany