Enter Your Description HereThe idea behind this image was a combination of targeted studies.
I was always impressed with realistic 3D graphics, especially when they involve characters,
because of that I wanted to explore a little more on the shaders for skin with sub surface scattering,
seeking the highest level of realism that could reach and also test the tools of hair fur.
The model is based on a sculpture by Lars Bundlestick, you can check that out here: schellstudio.com

Detail images here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Troll/10178081
UFC Anderson "The Spider" Silva
Photoshop, XSI, ZBrush
March 2012

This was my fist cartoon/caricature model, the original concept is from Tiago Hoisel, you can check the image here http://migre.me/7eNRA

The base mesh was done with Softimage and then sent to ZBrush to add details. All textures and lighting done with ZBrush too, just some photoshop ajustments.
TABASCO vending machine
mental ray, Photoshop, XSI, ZBrush
October 2012

This image was a study of modeling, lighting, texturing and render based on a concept form the art director Sergio Ara├║jo. The intention was to produce a poster for the new Sweet & Spicy flavor, that's the reason for the peppers to be inside a classic chewing gum vending machine

I used Softimage XSI for modeling e lighting, Zbrush to generate normal maps for the peppers and metal pieces, Photoshop for texturing and post, and Mental Ray for rendering.

Any kind of critique is very welcome

Hope you like it!

Study of fakeosity on Metal ray for Softimage XSI
Study of studio light simulation on Mental ray for Softimage XSI, post on Photoshop
Study of shading, lighting and rendering - Softimage XSI, Mental Ray and Photoshop
Mr. Incrdible - Study of modeling on ZBrush
.::Felipe Barreiro::.
3D ilustration .::. Art Direction .::. ... São Paulo, Brazil