Enter Your DescWe have developed a cutting board to be the perfect helper in your kitchen. With it you can slices cucumbers, cut tomatoes into pieces and turn whole carrots into small flakes. All you need to do is chose the right frame with the fitting blade and place it into the cutting board. Depending on the final shape you want your vegetable or fruit to be, it can even be enough to pull down the top to get your result. Rasping and slicing can be done manually in short time. A plate or bowl fits perfectly in the free space underneath the board, in order to collect all pieces.

To shred vegetables or fruits in different shapes like slices, rings, small pieces or flakes one usually needs to use various tools. Common grater can be quite tricky to clean, because most vegetable parts stick to those instead of falling in the plate. So there should be a simple all-in-one tool to resolve this issue.

Florian Meise
Geschäftsführer bei manugoo Solingen, Germany