As graphic elements we put into focus the products as delicate drawings that serve as detailed representations underlining their quality. Handwritten elements taking up quotes of the farmers are combined with two further typefaces that support the handmade, crafty feel on the one side and the elegance and clarity on the other side.
For the logo we have chosen a word mark that remains minimalistic and modern. Being based on a circular economic system, the divided O in pioniere represents the two parties: producers and consumers have to work together to make the project successful. The positioning supports a feeling of movement and dynamics as well as openness towards new ideas and change.
We want to keep communication between farmers and consumers as easy and direct as possible: Blank notecards or letterpaper encourage the farmers to write personal messages to their members. At the same time they can personalize their own stationery with an individualized stamp, containing their contact info.
The use of a crafted wooden box makes it easy to deliver the goods safely from Malles to Bolzano. To protect the products even better and to make transportation easy for the members as well, we decided to addtionally use a bag. When delivered, the bags can also contain news-cards or info-cards on certain products and thereby serve as a direct communication-channel with the members.

The project is meant to support a small group of farmers from Malles, Val Venosta, and to start a project with and for them, helping to solve one of the problems they face at their work. We, together with the farmers, decided to set up a direct, long-term connection between them and consumers in Bolzano through a food box subscription. The project is the base for an independent, circular and solidary community between the two parties in which not only the exchange of money and products is concerned, but as well the exchange of knowledge, time and real support. Excluding middlemen and other intermediary actors all resources are kept in a clear and overseeable circle of people, who commit altogether to a socially fair and environmentally sustainable way of acting. We (and the farmers) believe that a real and trustworthy relation can help both parties to understand each other‘s needs and prerequisites better and to then act accordingly.

Freelance, Full-time
Giulia Bencini
Designer Bolzano, Italy