This Hello Kitty package demonstrates my 3D and photoshop skills. The product was not available and had to be completely rendered.
The B-Day kit is one of Party City's best sellers. I developed a package that displays multiple wearable items clearly in a shelf space that conforms to an existing plan-o-gram
I've added the plan-o-gram image of the Party City "Team Spirit" line. This line included over two hundred items with twenty-five new products and packages in nine color versions. Various methods of packaging were used. I completed production in less then three months.This included designing header card / hang tag, product shots, photo retouching, package dyes, procuring stock images, bar code generation / placement, safety warnings, call out bursts, legal statements, country of origin and instructions to manufacture regarding securing product. All items needed to meet with Canadian Compliance laws. Cosmetic items required adherence to FDA regulatory laws.
One of the lines I was responsible for at Party City was "Over The Hill" novelties. Even though this OTH Antidote bottle contained gag pills, it still required FDA information and warnings. This all had to fit on a very small label.
Glenn Schaffner