Augmented Reality Advertising Campaign–VIRTUAL POLAR BEAR By GameYan Animation Production Companies

Project: Augmented Reality Advertisement
Client: Tony
Category: Augmented Reality
Country: Switzerland
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This is project included 3d realistic 3d low poly character developers of Bear and doing 3d animation. We set up an AR stunt in Switzerland Zurich Station for three days, where visitors were able to get close to a virtual polar bear through a big screen, creating an emotional connection By GameYan Animation Movie Production Companies.

GameYan Studio – art outsourcing studio for feature films and could work as production house to do entire 3d development for any animated movie.Our professional team of artists can develop variety of 3D art content for movie and video games along with low optimized characters for mobile and virtual reality interactive games.

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Ruturaj Desai
Co-Founder at GameYan Studio New York, NY