FasTrack VR Game by GameYan Studio
Action Thriller VR Car Racing Game by GameYan Studio
Virtual Reality Game for Car Racing - Cardboard by GameYan Studio
VR Car Game for Google Cardboard by GameYan Studio
VR Game for Cardboard by GameYan Studio
FasTrack VR Game App by GameYan Studio
Racing Game Design Animation by GameYan Studio
Fastrack Virtual Reality Car Game - Google Cardboard

GameYan Animation Studio Introducing for the first time the action thriller Car Racing Game Using VR Technology which will make feel the Adrenaline rush in you. It is mainly a power Game. The cars designed in the game have been heavily modified with Armour plating, machine guns and defensive weapons. Animation and graphics are tremendous, features of this game are enthralling and user interface is eye-catchy. It's a real adventure.

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Freelance, Full-time
Ruturaj Desai
Co-Founder at GameYan Studio New York, NY