This new air travel concept is focused mainly on revolutionizing the way people experience their journey in economy class on long-haul flights. After taking seat, the passenger can activate the modular body adjustment with setting his measurements into the ‚smart control’. The head- and backrest, the integrated pneumatic air cushion, as well as the seat base are adapting automatically. The inclination of the backrest and the turning out of the footrest can be adjust synchronously.
Perfect lumbar support is provided due to a new innovative backrest joint, which has the same pivot point like the hip joint of the passenger. The backrest is turning to the comfort position with no displacement to the body.
The traytable can be pulled out from the armrest.
The screen is also adjustable and shows the content in portrait or landscape orientation with every turn. The passenger has the possibility using USB or FireWire to watch all his vacation memories to enjoy the flying time.
Airplane Seat
Gavari Gerda
Industrial Designer Vienna, Austria