lost in the desert, he came to a sign: traffic roundabout.
Trick-or-treating The guy dressed as a dog, the dog and cat dressed as guys. "Ready to go?"
at the doctor's office: We have a tattoo that wants its owner removed.
Lady wearing a bustle: Does this make my butt look big enough?
At the dentist, a view into the torture dungeon. the Doctor says "I find it helps people take their minds off what i'm doing."
at the 3-D printshop. What happens when the jobs get messed up? We sell them next door at the modern art gallery.
Well-Dressed Teen
The Matriot Act
Work-Life Balance
Cuzco Certified Public Accountant, Quipu knot accountancy, Andes, Peru
The Catalonian Poop Log - it's true!!
Same-sex couples, gay rights, homophobia, embassy life
Why we take our pets with us - cats and dogs are always a perfect compliment to that international move
Why you weren't paying attention during the board meeting.
the Assumption
Packing, moving, Rex the Dragon
Mom's Pretzel Stand. Eat your food.
Genevieve Shapiro
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