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Stack City - Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas - 12" x 12"
Teacup City - framed watercolor on paper - 12" x 15" incl. frame
Bookville - Acrylic on Gallery wrap canvas - 5"x7"
Buddy - framed oils on canvas - 20" x 12" including frame
Elephant Ear - Oil painting of plant in a sunny window.
Nashoba Bank - A winter day behind my house on the Nashoba River, which runs near Walden Pond, home of Thoreau's wilderness experience
Colorful kitty-cat becomes a black cat at night thanks to Europium-based phosphorescent color.
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Acrylics, watercolor, and oil paintings of cities, riffs on the Book of Kells, landscapes from Massachusetts and Uruguay, and some abstracts in blue and green.

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Genevieve Shapiro
Gentoons: Better Living Through Cartoons Boston, MA