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Graphics - Graphics done in adobe illustrator then sent to action sports technologies to be printed. Top image is the top sheet and bottom is the base graphic.
tools - The tools used in the completion of the snowboard. A jigsaw, palm sander, and laminate trim-router were by far the most important contributers.
Snowboard Mold - Here is the snowboard mold that I had to build. CAD model courtesy of boardcrafter.com.
basement - The basement workshop.
Here are all the materials together, ready for layup. Base w/ attached edges, shaped 158 cm maple core, vacuum bag, sealant tape, 19oz. biax fiber glass, breather fabric and release fabric (not shown).
Mold - This is the mold just before the layup process. Layers from top to bottom: acrylic plexi-glass, paper snowboard template for alignment, wooden lathe attached to window screen, and then the mold ribs.
the wet layup
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Snowboard Build
Geoff Wells
Industrial Designer Boston, MA