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On top of this silhouette are accents owing to the designer Rudi Gernreich- the shirt was appropriated from the top of an evening gown that he designed with tear shaped cut outs for the chest and pasties of the same material covering the nipples.

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Produced by FAKEHEAD & Co

Directed by award winning poet Trevor Boley.

Starring Ruby McCollister, Claire Lucido & Leah Victoria Hennessey

Costumes designed by Georgia Walker

"We have selected Jean Genet's The Maid's as our first play because it embodies everything we find potent, beautiful, dangerous and necessary about art and artistic practice.
Revolution will not necessarily look the way you expect it to. The first impulses, the sapling springs of revolutionary action, rarely greet the world with violent or explicit beauty; the first note is often dissonant, muted, uncomfortably unrecognizable or weak.
Revolutionary practices and techniques of true escape and transformation may appear self-indulgent fantasy to an outside eye.
Our theatrical debut is the culmination of FAKEHEAD's previous work in visual art, philosophy, writing, political action, fashion and discussion.

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