First concept.
Revised version with dual monitors.
Color mode.
Gamers edition with a built in computer, sound system, multi port USB charger and dual screens.
GDW _ Work Bench

This idea is for people like myself, who use a laptop + desktop and need space for sketching and storage.

This is a 2.5m long work bench. Top is divided into 2 sections, glass frame has two small handles to lift / rotate to store items. Left frame houses light source below.

Trays on the side extends table length / clip onto the main desk frame. There are storage compartments on each side. One has dual shelves the other is for desktop housing.

There is an adjustable elevated back shelf for screen which can be moved alongside the frame. Dual screens / dual shelves optional.

Multiple plug points @ both sides of lower frame. Some of the components are to be fabricated, some are Octanorm profiles.

Crits welcome, thanks for looking.

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