Grunt 357

GRUNT _ 357
*Grunt 357 is an imaginary equipment design for our tank bred Krogan legend in the Mass Effect universe.

-Revolver was designed as an honorary piece by Warlord Okeer to be given to the succesful candidate as a part of his legacy. However, with Okeer's unexpected death it was forgotten in the room and left behind.

-Years later it was found by officers on a C-Sec salvage mission and was returned to Wrex in Tuchanka. Wrex handed the weapon to his mechanic and asked him to manufacture a lockable display casing to serve as a rememberence gift to Grunt who by now is the leader of Aralakh Company bringing honor to Clan Urdnot.

-Urdnot mechanic did a splendid job using stolen Salarian materials and was gifted the honor of becoming a clan Shaman. He is now happily going under excruciating tasks.

-Weapon and it's display was handed to Grunt with a ceremony and found it's place in the Aralakh Company briefing room.

Freelance, Moonlighting
Alp Germaner
Industrial Design / Concept Art Mugla, Turkey