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Arriving Soon
Form A Wall
TV Dinners
Extreme Caution
Shadow Prey
Boxing Lessons
Shaken or Stirred
Model Plane Crash
Sock Shark
Cat Week
Bat Signal
Dog Whistle
Scrabbled Eggs
Broken Glass
Under the Surface
Bird Booth
Muscle Car
Water Bomb
Snow Pinocchio
Survival Bacon
Fair Fight
Walking Billboard
New Submarine
Emergency Toilet
Water Slide
Easy Rider
Ghost Dog
latest Sighting
Knight Required
Science Trophy
Attention Magicians
Sushi Machine
Tape Bird
Soap on a Rope
Pet Snail
Arcade Failure
Bird Lodge
Tooth Care
The Windforce is Strong
Alternative Transport
Deadly Combination
Access Denied
New Fish
3 Wishes
Time Travel Saftety
Bowl Holder
Pencil Bird
Stunt Cheese
Safety Matches
Search & Rescue
Glennz Concepts 2014

A growing collection of designs I've created for my online t-shirt store www.glennz.com

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Glenn Jones
Designer & Illustrator Auckland, New Zealand