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Update on the design.
Lightning 'LS-218' prototype (that's 218mph - and in almost total silence) electric superbike, as unveiled at the Quail Lodge Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel Valley, CA, on Saturday, 17 May 2014.
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Meet the team. That's Jim Shook in the center, who handled the clay modeling, and Lightning CEO Richard Hatfield on the right. The guy on the left had something to do with the design.
At the official hand-over ceremony of chassis #1 to Lightning's first customer at an event held at Autodesk's offices in downtown San Francisco, 11 November 2014.
New owner Troy Helming, Lightning Founder and CEO Richard Hatfield, and LS-218 designer Glynn Kerr, present the first production model in San Francisco on 11 November, 2014.
Troy Helming, Founder and CEO of Pristine Sun LLC (which appropriately develops clean energy technology), takes ownership of Lightning chassis #1.
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Lightning Motorcycles

This is a road-going version of the world land speed record electric bike (217mph at Bonneville last year). Time to rethink your concept of electric bikes - this one is utterly brutal. And yes, mechanically the street version will be exactly the same as the track model. Available at a showroom near you soon. First one to be built is already sold.

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Glynn Kerr
Independent Motorcycle Designer Loomis, CA