archts perspective of the proposed design - The existing stair is an L shaped design. Having a new spiral configuration gives a wider space to the room, a continuous contour and eliminates sharp edges. Tiled thread is now replaced with wooden planks which gives warmth and appeal to the room. The balusters are retain except for for the wood hand rail that replaced the existing stainless type.
existing stair
The New Stair Construction Development - The existing balustrade design is retain except for some refitting to adapt the new design. basic stair structure begins with a reinforced concrete steps and then overlaid with wood planks.
The New Stair Design - Workers working on the wooden threads of the new spiral staircase
The New Design Spiral Staircase - A shot from the second floor
A stair renovation
Jonathan Montebon
Architect-UAP Cebu Fort San Pedro Chapter 0013800 cebu city, philippines, Philippines