kit din sketch
kit din rendering
The finished interior and picture clips - Finished interior enhancement of the ground floor interior @ a minimum cost around 200k php including furnitures
kitchen enhancement progression
kitchen before enhancement
The new ceiling with indirect lighting
The ceiling before enhancement - The main objective is to hide the too much presence of the exposed beams and replace it with drop ceilings and implementing the use of concealed cove lights.
The wall tv on progress - This wall with back recessed lighting will serve as the focal feature for this design. It will serve as the Flat TV wall in the entertainment area. Finished with Ocean Blue acrylic paint.
Wall Tv panel
the dining chair frame
The dining area
The unit for interior renovation
Bamboo ring pattern for the kitchen counter divider
kitchen interior view before renovation
living sketch
The Round Center Table
Center Table
Dining Chair Front
Dining Chair Back
The Dining Set
Dining/ Kitchen Sketch
hacienda salinas interior enhancement 2008
Jonathan Montebon
Architect-UAP Cebu Fort San Pedro Chapter 0013800 cebu city, philippines, Philippines