GoochInk: identity
Family Literacy Foundation: identity
America Jane Mercantile: identity - Identity for a company that offer eco-friendly products that unite practicality with great design. Many of the graphic images we use for our products are posters from WW1, WW2, and the WPA era that convey conservation messages ringing as true today as they did decades ago.
Wilton Roofing: identity - Identity for start up roofing company, that needed to have the look & feel of a company that has been around for awhile.
Capial City Vending: identity
Guitar Heaven: identity - Identity for record label.
Sims & Burdett: identity
American House Records: identity
Ripple Effects: identity - identity for greeting card company
Ignition Solutions: identity - Identity for automotive company that creates more power through their ignition solutions.
Photon Man - Character developed for intranet site for ONI Systems: a company that works within the fiber optic industry.
Ice CAPS: identity - Identity for recreational beverage.
Metamorphose: Identity - Identity for Art Nouveau furniture company.
RBWIV: identity - Identity for construction group.
Dapper Dog: identity - Identity for pet product that helps to promote a healthy & shiny coat on dogs.
PDCA: identity - Identity for PDCA, logo helps to reflect their practices of work flow and problem solving.
Emma Jean's: Identity - Identity for antique and consignment shop that needed to honor the owner mother, who the shop was named after, as well as create a nostalgic reflection of the antiques and collectibles that it sells.
The Old Fire House Teen Center: For the City of Redmond, WA
LGA Group: identity
Proposed logos for Seattle Rubbish - Comps for logo for a company that works in the removal of rubbish through eco-friendly means.
logo progression for Seattle Southside
Fatty's Pizzeria - Identity for a sports themed pizzeria.
Proposed Identity: Artisan Tile // Stacked Logo
Proposed Identity: Artisan Tile // Horizontal Logo
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GOAT : Gooch of All Trades at Gooch Ink Richmond, VA