With the correct lighting, I took the photo of my hand holding the sunglasses. Then used Photoshop to merge it with a stock image. The sunglasses temples are 3D printed and polished.
Software I made using Flash and Three.js. The first step is to enter text. You will see it warped into the shape of sunglasses temples. See more at bannereyewear.com/create
Step 2 is to select the font. See more at bannereyewear.com/create
You can choose from a list of icons to add at the ear tips. See more at bannereyewear.com/create
Pick the frame, lens, and temple colors. See more at bannereyewear.com/create
Packaging boxes I designed.
Example pair of sunglasses created.
The hinges can be snapped on and off.
I took this photograph and edited it.
I took this photograph of myself on a timer. Put it into a scene, and added lens flares.
I took this photo in a light tent.
Banner Eyewear

Website and product I built.
Custom Promotional 3D Printed Sunglasses
See more at bannereyewear.com

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Zachary Greenbauer
Mechanical Design Engineer. Web Developer. Photographer. Houston, TX