Frequent expeditions from Mainland to Inuit turf left much to be desired in mutual relations, often ending in manslaughter and violation of once peaceful territory. The territory of Snow White, an ancient permafrost demon. As mainland conquerors raped the children of ice, mother Snow White couldn't lay dormant. She nursed the remaining few Inuit children into adulthood, forming a demonic force at her side to fight back the mainlanders. Armed with claws and long fangs, the band would go on nightly blood sprees, crippling the foreign bandits. During the day they would rest inside the icy caverns and prepare for the silent nights that brought them freedom, eventually.
Lair, quick doodle of underground hen-men creature protecting it's eggs.
Pigkiller, horror flick poster
Background for silent movie Morlok.
Background for silent movie Morlok.
Tshirt design. ©
Rats and Snakes EP - Design for the EP- picture disc.
Pitch for a punk band album cover.
Women, leaving to space. - This illustration was done for some band's album cover. It would look good on an LP, I think.
band album cover
LORD BUARACK - I give you,Lord Buarack -The Flea Master. My dog asked me if I could draw something for him to put on his I did it. It's Photoshop over crappy sketch.
Frog Queen Breakfast - Well, Blue Blurbor dude is making a mess and polluting the lake. And since Frog Queen is hungry, anything is good for breakfast. Even an ignorant asshole. This is my second attempt at digital painting, so if you comment be gentle. Like a water lily.Hey maybe my next painting will be Prince Gentle Giant vs Gang of Tough Midgets? Or U-rak Crow attack?
Banner (re)design
these are few years old,so they might deviate a bit from their initial state.sorry for crappy scans
God of Gore - Back cover painting for the November issue of Girls and Corpses magazine. Order now! There is some JPEG compression. I don't care for hi-res file upload.
Aliens vs To Catch a Predator - Photoshop
Dead Niro - Cover.Photoshop.
N-Vil - Logo and splash screen for upcoming 3d modeling program. I usually dislike shiny FX logos and buttons, but contour is strong, it reads well and it's simple with nice flow. So the "N" shine stays.
Gig poster - Another wormy, squiggly stroke piece.
SOF - Poster.
Sailor Moon (Zombie) spoof. Some JPEG compression occurring.
Playing music, paying bills.
NOVEMBAR- Another lasso tool graphics.

Artwork medley.

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