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The notion is to create an elegant contour like the draping of the night gown, making the TV a stunning focal point also a piece of poetic sculpture. Welding steel rods together to form an rigid architectural structure, visually it looks light and graceful.
The major selling point is to provide the floor stand as a medium for owner's creation, and the design still looks great on it's own without adding anything to it.

It will take typical welding technique mainly to hold all the steel wires together just like making those beautiful wire armchairs. Electroplating or vacuum metalized process will make sure the finishing last for a long time like a piece of furniture.
For a long time the TV is only a piece tech item which took a permanent spot in the house, looks good on it's own but not really reflecting the lifestyle of the owner. So the objective is simply designing a great looking TV floor stand and also opens possibilities for the owner to add personal touch or transform to something else. So this design is really made for everyone and possible to go with different lifestyle anywhere in the world. With different owner's creation, every Samsung QLED TV will become unique and personalized.
The floor stand also serves as a semi-open space as a multipurpose spot. Hang a pot of Potho underneath the TV and let it thrive freely on the rods.
Or simply use this spot as a cosy nest for your loving cat.
It could be a reserved spot for showing off your vintage tin toys collection.
Put on the wreath and decorations to transform the stand into a instant Xmas tree for happy holidays. The TV stand is anything you can imagine.

A TV stand design for "Dezeen x Samsung QLED TV stand design competition" in 2017

Vincent Huang
Senior Industrial Designer Taichung, Taiwan