3TP Logo - Designed logo for softball team t-shirts.
Wild life logo - Designed logo concept for Tufts University School for Veterinary Medicine new wild life facility (2000). Note the words "wild life" formed by the antlers.
Bear logo - Two more logo concepts for the Tufts wild life facility.
Raccoon/Bird logo - One of the last concepts for the wild life facility at Tufts University. I wanted to create a logo that symbolized land and air (raccoon and bird).
Evos Arts logo - Logo concept for a restaurant/pub for local artists.
Personal logo - Logo used for previous personal use. Silhouette drawn from a photograph of myself using a drawing table.
Health Resources logo - Designed logo for activities at a company Christmas party at company Health Resources.
Design in illustrator of Red Sox player Pedro Martinez. For personal use.
Freelance, Full-time
Harry Gerostergios
Graphic Designer/Illustrator Leominster, MA