Peyton (right) before - Given photo of 8 year old girl (right) for Photoshop project.
Peyton (after) - Used Photoshop to add girl in a scene from her favorite film as a birthday present.
Prince fan before - Given picture to use for a Photoshop project.
Prince fan after - Used Photoshop to place subject in scene with his favorite musician.
Mona Lisa before - Given photo for Photoshop project.
Mona Lucy after - Used Photoshop to place girl in historical painting.
Horse (before) - Given photo for Photoshop project (remove rider).
Horse (after) - Removed rider.
Photo Restoration 1 Before - Received damaged photo from customer and asked to restore it.
Baseball Restoration 1 After - Used several methods in Photoshop to restore photo.
Photo Restoration 2 Before
Photo Restoration 2 After
Photo Restoration 3 Before
Photo Restoration 3 After
Freelance, Full-time
Harry Gerostergios
Graphic Designer/Illustrator Leominster, MA