NEWSpaper - Realtime local information provider. Based on the concept of Ubiquitous Computing, users just need a disposable gadget to get information provided by the near environment. This design focused on local information, such as location, history, transportation, etc. This design apply RFID+bluetooth instead of WiFi. With solar energy and green material, This design propose a low-tech, low-cost, low-harm solution for future life.
Squeeze? - Squeeze orange -> Juice Wring a towel -> water so why not squeeze juice with wringing?
music bucket - house cleaning makes families working like a band. This design emphasize not only the interaction between music and users, but also the cooperation and affection within families.
5+/-2 Socket - new multi-module socket design. For safety purpose, Use embedded LED to show the voltage it consumes. For usability, the sockets are multi-direction, and the shape of this design would benefit wire-collection.
LED pen - Pen with LED embedded make it possible to write in the dark, especially in the meeting room. Moreover, magnet embedded in the pen could have it attached on the metal surface. Users could leave messages quick and easy. Consequently, receivers won't miss the message even in the dark.
Product Design

Huang-Ming Chang
ICEPHD candidate at TU/e 愛因荷芬, Netherlands