Vostro-5000 Series is the idea SMB tool for premier conscious customers who want a professional grade device that is durable, reliable yet speaker’s quality. High mobility & portable design is hinged around complementing their work / personal lifestyle. Smart, light and organized are the key hallmarks of the Vostro-5000 series design.
Whether on your desk and across to your room, this striking gesture of the Arrow 2.0 language is unmistakable. This dynamic profile becomes the focal point as it accentuates the thinness of form. Empowering the livelihood of emerging markets with smart and reliable business tools to stay ahead of day to day business.

Vostro, is expanding our reach.
Vostro-5000 Series is the ideal SMB laptop for professional conscious consumers who want a device can support their business endeavors, show the high-end premium looking, and complementing their everyday lifestyle.
Keeping things minimal yet sophisticated has ensured a degree of intuitiveness to enhance the on-screen experience for users. The well-proportioned layout and dark tone on tone color combination of elements are design to fade out of periphery and enhance the computing experience.
Vostro-5000 offers 2 different type of display, in order to meet any different user scenario. The entry level has Non-Touch display, and support OTP-Touch technology with thinner & lighter solution than before.
Vostro-5000 employs use of aluminum and painted finish targeting a more premium looking and feeling. A hairline stamping aluminum finish on the A & C parts are making the consistency feel between interior and exterior. 2 different colors offer can give user more choice.
Dell Vostro 5459 14" UltraBook

*Product Launched by 2015

Vostro 5459 14" is for SMB users on the go who desires mobility without comprising performance. It is the new Vostro thin & light ultra platform, and users expect products with simple and smart ID and mainstream commodity features.

Hank (Chien-Cheng) Chen
Industrial Designer Taipei, Taiwan