Done completely in photoshop, this was a "challenge" piece to push my skill limit. I learned so much about light and how it acts and reacts. Reference imagery used.
A fun quick sketch done in Photoshop CS4
Perspective Practice. Always.
Soup Sandwich is the title of a graphic novel that I am writing.
Dodge This! K?
Jeep Compass 2007
Maserati GranTurismo
Katie's Jaguar E-type - A commission for my friend Katie. We decided to go with the E-type rather than the XJ but hey. hope she enjoys it! Was a lot of fun and I learned a lot in the process as well.
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EA-18G Growler - the Navy's Electronic Warfare Jet
SSBN - This was a study of a Ohio class sub.
Boomer - A depiction of a Trident missile launch from the USS WYOMING Circa 199X
PCV Personal City Vehicle - A fun sketch of a city vehicle
Hatch - 5 Min sketch of a Hatchback Car
2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 - Originally uploaded for a challenge on dA
AE86 Corolla Levin - Fun Sketch I did waiting for class to start
Hedgehog and Jet Things and a Yaris and Mega Man and a Motorsickle...
Rifle Concept
Some Dashboards
Self Portrait and Flowers
Fun Cars - On a trip down to Jax, Fl. I decided to draw in a moving vehicle!
Toyota Yaris Concept - Looking over the outer shell of a Yaris trying to find the essential design elements, This popped out. I learned that I should have more fun and not try so hard for everything to be so darn perfect!
Sketches and Illustrations

Various Sketches and Drawings from over the years, not in any particular order... Traditional and Digital media included.

Danny Haymond Jr
Senior Designer at Taphandles Tacoma, WA